What Are The Most Popular Casino Games In The World? Summary Of Each Feature

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There are various types of games, such as casino games, from games with strong luck to games that are easy to win if you make full use of strategy. I think there are games that I have heard the name of but have never played, so here I will introduce them based on the characteristics of each casino game.

We will explain not only famous games such as baccarat, roulette, and blackjack, but also casino games that are loved by many others.

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Baccarat is a popular game that reigns at the top of the casino game worldis. Many tables are available at online casinos as well as casinos around the world. It has gained overwhelming support because of its simple gameplay, and is especially popular with people called high rollers who bet hundreds of thousands or millions of yen on a single game .

The rules are pretty simple. A few cards are dealt to each of the two areas called Players or Bankers. Predict the area where the last digit of the total score of the dealt cards is close to 9. It’s a simple game where if the prediction is correct, it doubles and returns, and if it loses, it becomes 0.


Blackjack is also one of the games loved by casino fans all over the world. It is a game in which the player and the dealer whose hands are closer to 21 wins. (If you reach 21 Relatively hard to lose in casino gamesIt is said that it is important to remember the basic strategy. It is a recommended game because it is possible to use card counting, which is said to be a winning method at online casinos .


Roulette is so simple that it is also recommended for those who are playing casino games for the first time.This is a game in which a dealer puts a ball in a disk with a number called a wheel and predicts which number the ball will be in. The numbers are color-coded in order from 1 to red and black, and it is easy to predict because you can bet not only on the numbers but also on red and black. It is famous for casino games that anyone can enjoy online roulette malaysia because it has abundant valuations such as odd and even numbers and how to play high and low.


Poker is a game that is so popular that it hosts world championships.Draw poker, in which 5 cards are dealt to the Japanese, is the mainstream, but poker in casino games is mainly poker that uses 7 cards called No Limit Texas Hold’em. It is a game in which the one who has a strong role to make from the hand in the game with other players wins, but it is difficult because it is a game that requires all tactics such as psychological part and expected value calculation. However, online casinos often play one-on-one with dealers, which makes it easier to play with less psychological factors.

Slot machine

Slots in casino games seem to be familiar because there are slot games in Japan, but it is better to think of them as completely different because the fundamental mechanism is different.There is no such thing as a setting in casino slots, the simplest game where you just put in money and press the start buttonis. It’s a game of perfect luck, but it’s popular because you have a chance to hit 1 to 100 million if you hit the jackpot . Online casinos can be started by pressing a button with one hand of the smartphone, so it is popular that you can play in the gap time.

Blackjack Split Basic Rules

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A split is an action that allows you to split your hand into two when cards with the same number are dealt . In other words, you will be competing with two sets of hands. In Blackjack, 10, J, Q, and K are all treated as 10 counts, so even if you have 2 of the 4 types in your hand, you can execute it.

Example: Splittable hands (6,6) (10,Q) (J, K)

However, depending on the casino, there are places where you can only do it with the same number, so you need to confirm in advance.

When you make a split, you must spend the same amount as you originally bet . For example, suppose you first bet $ 10 and get distributed (8,8). In addition, if you bet an additional $ 10, you can play in two hands like (8,?) (8,?). After the cards for the missing hands are dealt, the actions such as stand and hit are performed as usual.

Blackjack split constraints

Resplit (split again)

If another hand with the same number is dealt in the hand after the split – for example (9,9) and 9 and 10 are dealt in the hand after the split. When the situation of (9,9) (9,10) is reached, split the hand again and divide the hand, and re-split to make three hands (9,?) (9,?) (9,10). Is called.

This may or may not be possible depending on the casino, so it is essential to check the rules.

Ace (A) split

When dealt with (A, A) by hand

A is the most powerful card in blackjack because it has the property of changing numbers from 1 to 11 depending on the situation. If you can split with (A,?) (A,?), If the next card is “10 or a picture card”, it will be 21, which is very advantageous. Therefore, please note that A is limited to being a forced stand after only one hand is dealt after the split.

Double down after splitting

Double down is an action that limits the next card you can draw to only one, instead of doubling your stake. Double down after split has different rules depending on the casino, so it is necessary to confirm whether it is possible or prohibited.

When should Blackjack split be done?

While the hands can be paired from [A] to [K], the action to be taken depends on the number. You need to make a judgment by comparing the number of one face-up card dealt to the dealer with the number of your hand. The probability is calculated based on the rule that the dealer must hit 16 or less and stand 17 or more .

In the case of pair hand A : In any situation, the split of the split

ace will be 1 or 11 as mentioned above, and if 10 or a picture card comes in the next card, you will win, so splitting is more advantageous. By the way, it is said that the probability that 10 and a picture card will come is about 30%.

For pair hand 10 and picture card : 20 at the time of the hand, so there is a high chance of winning and there is no need to split.

In the case of pair hand 9 : When 2, ~ 6,8,9 are up cards, the

total number of splits is 18, so there is a possibility of winning with a high card, but it will be judged depending on the situation of the up cards. The reason 7 is excluded is that if 10 comes, the dealer’s total will be 17 and there is a good chance of winning the forced stand.

For paired hands 8 : In any situation, a

total of 16 split hands have no chance of winning except for the dealer to burst, so it is better to split and increase the winning percentage.

In the case of pair hand 7 : When 2 to 7 are up cards

, the total number of splits is 14 and it is halfway. Even if it hits, it is difficult to become 21 because 7 is already in the hand.

For pair hand 6 : Split when 2 = 6 is an up card Since

there are statistics that it is easy to burst when the dealer is 2 ~ 6, split to avoid hitting and bursting yourself.

For pair hands 4 and 5, do not split If the

next card is 10 or a picture card, it will be 18 or 20, so it is easy to win with a high card. Therefore, avoid splitting into a weak hand.

For pair hands 2 and 3 : Split when 2 to 7 are up cards Even if you

hit as it is, the total number is likely to be weak, so expect to split and become a stronger hand.